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Halo semuanya / Hello everybody!

So, I want tell you about my very first job interview I had yesterday. The interview was at Senayan area, Jakarta. Before I arrived, I took a picture of Senayan area’s landmark.

Sebuah Patung di Bundaran Senayan (A Statue in Bundaran Senayan), Jakarta

Yeah exciting! or not? Well to be honest, I lost my thunder at the interview. You know why? I did not show my enthusiasm at that interview. I was smiling and explaining the best I could but I felt not showing my enthusiasm.

I read Career Coach book by Rene Suhardono which is an amazing book. Rene stated that passion is what you enjoy the most and I realized the position I applied is not my passion just right at the interview. My enthusiasm fled right away.  What a bummer.

Enthusiasm comes from Latin word: “En-Theos” which means “from God” or “God in us”.So the enthusiasm will come to surface by naturally doing what your passion is. Maybe you are curious with what type of job I applied? It is an engineer position.

I realized my passion is in retail industry so I will pursue my dream job with my hardest attempt. No matter what it takes to get there. It is okay to be called “lost” by other friends as long as you pursue happiness in your job.

So if it happens to you too, you have options to choose:
1. Fake your enthusiasm. Interview session determines whether you are hired or not. So make the interviewers believe that you are the person they are looking for.
2. Do not lie with yourself. Embrace your passion. I believe God will lead the way to us even we should take the long and inclining way.

From the book I read, it was stated by Mr. Erich Fromm an interesting pattern of pursuing life:
1. Be who you are.
Know your strengths,  passions and purpose of life. This self awareness will lead you to:
2. Do what you love.
So your uniqueness will maximally contribute and you will have reward to:
3. Have what you need. 
There is no guarantee that everything you want will come in the blink of eyes.


Hi everyone!

My name is not Marteen Bird. That’s just my writing name for my new blog. I live in Indonesia. I will post several stories about myself and I hope you can pick good things, learn about yourself and discover new things!

Wait for my real post!