Monthly Archives: July 2012

Everyone ever faced this problem, even many times in the way to be hired in dream career. At the first time we read the e-mail about the unsuccessful application, it ruins the whole day. damn you company, what is wrong with me. Then come the desperation and zero-confident.

But how to get out of the beginning of thousands or millions rejection emails (I don’t wish it happens)?? The key is inside of ourselves.

For me, I always try to see the positive things. Like, at least i learned new things after the preparation of interview… Oh I re-read my previous classes materials, so now I remember it again.. Don’t be drown in sadness. Try to think that maybe we don’t fit the ┬ácompany’s profile. We are destined for something bigger. And for the companies who reject us, THAT’S YOUR LOSS!! I always find it helpful to cut my sadness.

While applying so many jobs, try to do great things to see better world. Such as:

  • Volunteer in some organizations. be social to see new prespectives
  • Read books. Your college books, novels, biographies or personal development books. I am a big fan of personal development books btw.
  • Spend time with friends. Make new connections.
  • Work out to reduce stress. anyway you like.

Hope you can see the rejections in a different positive way. See you next time. Btw, I am already graduated last Saturday (July 14, 2012). New start right now!! Any ideas to fill (super much) free time after graduation? just comment folks.