Kota Tua Jakarta part1

Last November 2012, I spent some time to visit Kota Tua Jakarta or simply called Kota. This place has a website ( please kindly visit kotatuajakarta.org) but the web does not have English preference, all is written in Bahasa Indonesia. You can take busway from Sudirman heading to Kota or by using Commuter Line from Manggarai/Bekasi to Kota Station. My trip there was accompanied by Joydi then Yoyo then Ived. So please enjoy the pictures folks.

All started from Batavia cafe,a place to spend some cash for drinks. Pretty pricey, the interior is one of the advantages beside the great service.

A themed-cafe suits Kota-Tua atmosphere

Joydi (in white Tees). Welcomed with plants and fans. Just like Betawi’s traditional houses terrace

A stage for several performances behind Joydi

The bar looks classic. The room is just dark even at noon.

The area is filled with framed-pictures. Those pictures are just outstanding and difference. You can feel the ambience of 60s.

One of the picture, displaying a chef. I do not know the picture’s name but it is yet beautiful

Yup, it has another floor to explore

It is the1st floor, where big wondws are opened. Many tourists just sit, drink and chat. They enjoy 1st floor very much. There are also many framed-pictures at the 1st floor. A very indulging ambience I felt  there.



please find the part 2


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