Kota Tua Jakarta part3

Then we continued to other part of The Old Batavia. We were excited and thirsty at the same time. SO we headed out from The Fatahillah Museum. Finnaly we were able to see the main plaza, and of course some snacks.ย 
Main Plaza

The Plaza was crowded by many tents that sold clothing for cheap price (mainly). It looked really messy. For tourists, please bargain for much cheaper prices before buying.

A man wore a costume of an army while his body was painted black

They also rent old time bike with the matching theme helmet. Behind is BNI bank building.

Here are the bicycles

Chilled out in front of Fatahillah Museum

Yup cannons. The myth said, If you touch it, you will be blessed by fertility.

The trees added excellent feeling of the colonial eras.

Some revamping thingy

This was the snack I meant. Tahu Gejrot (Smashed Tofu). It costst about 5000 rupiah.

CUt tfried tofu, then add some vinegar with sliced chilly. You can ask the seller whether you want it spicy or not.

Yoyo enjoyed his dish

Used an umbrella. booo

Playing contrast.

Playing contrast2

After we had some snacks, then we continued to see other buildings and met up with Ived. Believe it or not some of the buildings below are still occupied for living.

IMG_8805 IMG_8801 IMG_8799 IMG_8798 IMG_8794 IMG_8792

Then we met with Ived!! We were about to see the museum of arts, but unfortunately it has already closed at 4 pm. We just took some photes there.

Hey welcome here Ived..

The tree decoration looked like a prank but it was artificially made by the museum management.

That is the facade of the Art Museum. Look like the national museum facade.

I guess that was the end of my journey at old Batavia. Overall it was one good memory for me. SInce I know that meet up for us seems to be impossible now, because we all working now then we should spent and arrange more time for this.

When you visitย Jakarta, this is the one you must visit. Be careful of pickpocket, find a tour guide there. So enjoy jakartaa!!


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