Hey you newly graduated employees!

I always wonder why new graduates seemed to whine a lot about their jobs. I noticed that some of my friends complained about their work load, rush for working faster and annoying bosses. Call it the phase of adaptation. Let your self to react to those daily routines. But what I want to underline here is that the adaptation phase have the biggest role here. As the employer really look forward for your contribution and work ethics from the beginning.

Why is that so important? Because some people adapt very poor. They tend to run from problems try to avoid it and do the easy path. That is not good, because as the part of adaptation, your mind will see it as your working habit. Some people work slow and tend to do other things which are not helping you finishing those works.

Here are some tips from me how to ADAPT WELL for new graduates employee. FACE your problems! How?

– Stay calm (never crack under pressure), discuss every single detail of problem with the pace you can. Until you get the problem clearly.

– Listen / read carefully. Some misunderstanding will be unacceptable at working places

– If you work a bit slow to analyze more, come early. The earlier you come the more on time you can send your daily report.

– Spend time efficient, do not browse for entertaining. Take your 10 minutes break every hour chat with other employees and move your body.

– Seek for opportunities to be more initiative and creative. Do simple things that will be valued more because you create it. Or we can call it side project.

– If you are pissed by words from other employee, try to hold yourself be patient. Say it politely and slow, ask other workers about the characters of that person. Learn his/her background then you can communicate better.

– Always remember to have your own priority list. Do not be multitask-er, prioritize emergency stuffs and stuffs that assigned from your boss. From my experience, not focusing on one thing at a time makes you bored easily and put off finishing those.

there you go, I hope you can adapt well at your first job! You can share how you adapt! Thanks


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