Satrio, Jakarta Special Capital Region

Whaat I did not blog on March. Such a waste of time. So, i promise to do it now. As you can see I live in Bekasi. Bekasi is a suburb city in the east side of Jakarta. By 13 km long distance between,many Bekasi residences prefer going to Jakarta to spend their free time than inside Bekasi itself.

I want to highlight one of the prime district in South Jakarta, the area with booming skyscrapers construction of malls, office and apartments. The location is Prof. Dr. Satrio street. Or we simply call it “Jalan Satrio” (read: Satrio Street). Many kopaja drivers call it “jalan baru” if you take any kopaja in Rasuna Said Street. But it is too bad, there is no Trans Jakarta bus stop in Rasuna Said street that is near the Satrio Street.

It marks my journey in Kuningan district

Bakrie Tower, this tower ever climbed by Alain Robert.

Image from Tribunnews, thanks πŸ˜‰

So I started my journey from Rasuna Epicentrum to Kuningan City with Joydi. Rasuna epicentrum is a private area consists of a Mall, Pasar Festival, office and housings. But the security there won’t permit any use of SLR without any permission letter from the management. A little pissed but still respect the rule, we go ahead to Satrio street. The soon to be Orchard Road competitor (finger crossed).

f g

So the thing I called Kopaja is the bus thingy below in the picture. The man hanging near the door is called “kenek” ( pronounce: keh-neck). Joydi and I took Kopaja to Jalan baru. Just spent 2000 rupiah or 0.2 USD. The Kenek is the person who collects the money.

We were welcomed by the facade of the new mal, Kuningan City. The mall was completed in 2012.

The Kenek.

I call it the giant watermelon. Interesting design.


Below is the Satrio street itself. At rush hour, the street is filled with cars and motorcycles. Crazy! Now below the high way, we can see the plants that green-ed the street a bit. As we can see the side walk is much bigger. Indonesia, especially Jakarta is lacking big-wide side walk.

In front of Kuningan City mall

We decided to have lunch inside Kuningan City since the rain poured quite heavy suddenly. The mall was quite empty, not many stores have opened. You can find Massimo Dutti, Pull&Bear, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace Jeans, Wakai, Rimowa, Y-3 there. But the stomach speak first. We picked Hummingbird Restaurant (Β ). This restaurant is already famous enough in Bandung since I studied there. The interior is always exciting.

Wallpaper-ed wall and the standing lamp.

of course the bird cage

You can eat inside bird cage table


So there is a few about Satrio.i promise to tell more about this prime location soon to be shopping belt district of Indonesia, I must say it proudly. See you


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