Monthly Archives: May 2013

Now I am listening to a song that reminds me of past time.

The song title is Yamaha by Delta Spirit. This first time I heard this song was from Warm Bodies movie. This song is absolutely great. But I don’t want to write about this song thoroughly, I want to write the moment when I heard the song. This song made me feel lonely at the time. I understand my life has been changed quite a bit. Now I work for a company and I work with different working days, so it requires effort to meet up. I know I miss my friends, my old room, coming late to class, stay up late studying for exams. 

IMG_9793 - Copy


The cards above are our department’s administration access. This card acts as presence signs for final project seminar. We had to have 20 presences in seminars or other people’s final project seminar. 5 of us have been in the same class from 1st year (bridging program) till the next 3 years (in Petroleum Eng. department). Not only five of us, there are around 11-12 people in the gang.  



There you go, the graduation in July 2012. For me, I always pray all the best for everyone, I’ll be very happy to help my friends whenever they need. Friends are special for me. They have the spot in my deepest memory that won’t fade. We constructed friendship, and the skyscraper stand still till now. You know what everybody need is friendship preservation. Give a random call, or email them. Ask what are they up to. Feel lonely, call them. 

Wish you all be happy and till we meet always! 


Call me wanderer. I like to visit a place by myself. Sometimes just to let loose and discover my true self. Here is another part of Satrio street in South Jakarta .

Another Big MelonThe Flyover


Honk Honk...



I hope Jakarta will be so much better to visit and live in. A dream that never fade, efforts that keep burning.