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17 August 1945 is Indonesia’s Independence Day, so it has been 68 years since the founding fathers proclaimed our freedom from occupation. My office hold a ceremony of Flag-raising Ceremony in the morning. Yes-yes raise Indonesian Flag and raise our nationalism high.

Indonesia Flag raising in 1945. The flag called “Bendera Pusaka Sang Saka Merah Putih”.


Below is the compilation of pictures from my company’s Indonesia’s Independence Day Celebration. Maybe I am the only one shouting to everybody, Happy Independence Day!! Maybe they think that I am kind of holiday freak. But to be true I want everybody feel the spirit of Nationalism. Like everyone says in every Flag-raising ceremony : “Use this moment as the time to increase our nationalism, to remind ourselves of our heroes effort to achieve freedom from Occupation”. I want this country to be seen as a country who apply honesty, peace, tolerance, a-never-ending-creativity in daily life, so Indonesia will be seen as one of the country that WOW others.

Here in VICO we celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day!!

Here in VICO we celebrate Independence Day!!


As Roy said (Indonesians need common enemy), he thought probably it could be neighboring country haha. But yes we have common enemy (illiterate people, left behind any technology advancement, government’s commitment to prosper the people and desire to be number one). May good God always be with Indonesia. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY INDONESIA!!




The sun and the moon are bound by a fixed calculation and the vine and tree both prostrate. Truly, I swear by the moon and by the night when it goes back, and by the morning when it becomes bright. It is one of the greatest things, as a warning to mankind.

So when the eyes will be dazzled, and the moon will lose its light and the sun and the moon will be joined together. On that day man will say “Where to escape?” Never! There will be no refuge at all. That day will be your destination towards Him.