Monthly Archives: October 2013

Ma, how are you today? I hope you are alright and healthy. Firstly thanks for welcoming me home when I got back from work in Kalimantan. I know you worried so much when I always think you are so fussy towards everything. So, I am sorry for thinking you are really annoying while you just love me so much.

Then you talked with me after I felt full from the delicious lunch you prepared. One thing that I never thanked. Forgive me for that one again. When you want to talk about what I have been missed during I was far from home at work, I seemed to ignore you and even told some words that I did not mean to hurt you while you felt it. Mom please don’t shed those tears. I was a fool saying those things. I am a idiot.

For every sweat and tear you sacrificed during this 22 years more, I never place you in my top priority. Oh mother can you forgive me for not showing those loves.

When you miss your children and can’t afford to call for just not wanting to disturb our busy time. Then you just text  “Da apa kabar?” which means “Son how are you doing?” . The ignorance of the son is to big, sometimes I reply very late. Mom I am terribly sorry.

Mom I love you for eternity, thank you for everything.

No matter how unimportant things people talk, my mom always teaches me to be a good listener. Be there when people you love need you. Sacrifice your pleasure for someone’s happiness and smile. Mom I am wishing you a high place in this world and for eternity surrounded by people who love and care about you.

With love

Your son,from the room across your’s.