Where to go ? Bengkulu

This is actually a very very late post, I categorize it as dibuang sayang (read: wasteful not being posted). Bengkulu, a province in the western side of Sumatra Island is a place where I grew up around 1994. One day, this place had successfully called me to go there again after 9 years. Actually it was my photo album that made me want to go to Bengkulu. At March I visited this place, not much I can remember about the streets but I can relate for sure. Sure it changed a lot.

With Indian Ocean bordering its west side, I can truly feel the beach calls everybody to go there after school or work. It is so much different from Greater Jakarta, where everybody will go to mall or home directly after long day in school or work. Here in Bengkulu, you will find not much traffic and relaxed life. After work, people rushed to the Pantai Pandjang beach. It was for sure the first place I visited.

Trying out bike ;)

My relatives Kak Yuni and Tata (from left)

The trees at Pantai Panjang

The trees at Pantai Panjang are still preserved since I was living here in 1994

My Bike

The bike I chose was pretty descent though the rest of it were in bad conditions

You will find many hotels/motels/bars in the opposite of the beach. i stayed at Horison Hotel, it was quite good. A night cost around 750k rupiah. The main attraction in Bengkulu for sure is Pantai Pandjang. Well I picked the wrong time to bike, it was 2 pm!! The sun was burning at that time. By 10k rupiah you can bike all day, though some vendors rent it for 1 hour only for the the same price.

The bicycle track is long enough, it stretches along the coast

Sea, sand and pines as long you can see

Ant view

Indian Ocean

In the late noon, I saw many people will come to the Beaches and just had sports (football, jog and bike). This is the thing I really want to happen in Jakarta. We want to enjoy our city outdoor, not from inside the malls. Well one big coconut for sure quenched my thirst.

One big green coconut ;D

After the temperature chilled, the people were coming to the beach to enjoy after school/work. Shot in B&W

Same scenery

Right trough Indian Ocean

I myself, enjoyed the beach. behind was Tata

This beach, since located in the west side of the island, has the good view of sunset. Well I must admit that I enjoyed the sunset and the sound of the wave. Well done Bengkulu for providing a stress relief for its people. I will continue for another post also from Bengkulu. Bye all.

Sunset 1

Sunset 2

Sunset 3

Sunset 4

Sunset 5


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