Bugis Kopitiam Cafe at Gambir Jakarta

So I want to write about this eccentric cafe in Gambir Station. Occupying two levels space, this cafe also gives every customer excitement to take at least selfies. Please forgive me for not reviewing the menus, I can assure you all that is all good and halal (the food is kinda overprice I think). Located in the central Jakarta, this restaurant must caught your eyes while you are here. I personally were curious to visit this place. While in ground floor it occupies smaller space so it seems very crowded with customers. You can take their private lift to upstairs. The lift itself feels off. It lifts you slow, but you can notice how unique this restaurant by noticing the lift is decorated with plants.

Bugis Kopitiam Level 2 @ Gambir


A view to Gambir’s main hall, all travelers are roaming


One thing beside the glass wall is classical decoration. With chandeliers, antique mugs, vintage souvenirs and framed-pictures I can’t resist to take pictures. The room is full air-conditioned. And also there is outdoor space for smokers. While the uniform for men they us Peci (how to pronounce it is like saying PAY and CHEE (from cheese)). Peci is similar with Fez (cap from Morocco) and Songkok in Malaysia. Songkok is a cap widely worn by Muslims in South East Asia. Peci itself still used by Muslims in Indonesia in prayer and also used for national ceremony by the government even though they are not Muslims.

The waiter with his Peci

Smoking space and a traditional window ornament

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You can tell that the owner is both wanderer, religious and nationalist. As you can see The Quran, first Indonesia’s president photo and souvenirs from traveling abroad.

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With this interior, I can say it is one restaurant that you have to pay a visit in Gambir. While for sure I can’t tell other restaurants to be visited to please the eyes.


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g2 preset



Well there you go, may you enjoy my pictures. And I hope I can write consistently and better. So please visit this restaurant

Too bad, I can’t find the official website, but I found the phone number. Reservation is unnecessary I guess.


Bugis Kopitiam

Stasiun Gambir, Lobby Selatan (Medan Merdeka Timur Kav. 19-27), Jakarta

+6285885353589, +6287788650801

  1. nizr said:

    nice restaurant. I visited it yesterday.
    much of antique sourvenirs… And I like the bottles beside the lift.

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