Eid Fitri at Field

Please forgive me for posting the Ied’s photos 3 weeks late. These are some pictures of my Ied Fitri in Mutiara Field, VICO Indonesia. Eid Mubarak everyone!

Men after Ied Prayer

This was after Ied Prayer outside the mosque. Too bad the praying rug was a little dirty but overall was nice. Men stood and make circle shape, as we line up to ask forgiveness to each other


Hugging and asking forgiveness. Even though we don’t really know everyone else, asking and giving forgiveness are usual things.

Women after Ied

Women were in separate area. Due to lack of space, women praying area was located next to the mosque separated by fences

Line up :3


Happy tummy happy Ied

Yup, that is me (with glasses & white fes), Pak DJ, Mba , dr Taufiq. So the food in front of us was grilled goat. I am not a big fan of goat meat but at that day I enjoyed some.


MuPak Budi, Pak Heri and pak Purwantoyo enjoyed their food and drink. Maybe it was the second round of plate πŸ™‚

Mas Yan

Mas Yan and his fried duck



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