Monthly Archives: January 2015

So 28th Jan, I arrived at home from Balikpapan from my 14 days work. I decided to go for night drive around Bekasi city, a city inhabited by 2.3 million people, and I tried to drag my sister to join but she refused. It was 8.30 pm. I don’t know whether she has turned into a baby or everyone’s tired but not me.

So initially I want to go to a mall to find a snack but I thought of saving money for other purpose. I headed to Bekasi Station. On my way for no-destination drive I was amazed to see the development of this city with new stadium, parks and many new shopping malls. But I could not resist to comment on the behaviour of the cars drivers, motorcycles riders and pedestrians. Eventhough there was no-stop or no-parking sign along the road, they still stopped their cars or even parked it and also people crossed the street anywhere and anytime they want. Dunno whether they were heedless or just being lazy.

Then as usual the street to Bekasi Station was crowded. Traffic.. Good now I was stuck and left with half empty fuel at the car’s meter. So trying to save fuel, I turned the AC off and opened the window. Shamelessly I increased the music volume to get the approval of the passing through motorcycle riders’ that I had a good taste of music. I played The Generational’s Alix album throughtout my drive.

Thinking of myself after spent 15 minutes stuck in the street that I had to see everything in positive manner that God willing I wiould see something new. Then out of nowhere I saw 2 guys who I taught were the station officers happened to be 2 white Mormon missionaries. I was pretty sure after I googled their typical uniforms and realized that 2 guys I met outside national library in Melbourne were Mormon missionaries. Still a new experience to see this stuff in Bekasi.

After I passed Bekasi station, I learned that Kartini street and Proyek area are the best place to have many culinary options at night. Also the square or Indonesians called as Alun-alun remained full of people, young and adult from different communities. Choices of food sold at Alun Alun was lesser than the one’s at Proyek.

Not yet sleepy and still starving for city strolling I continued heading to an intersection at the map below. There was a seafood stall that was crowded for weekday time I thought. This place will be my next place for culinary trip in the city.


I figured out that Bekasi was lacking with higher education institution. I found that Cut Mutia street filled with two or three higher education istitutions the only big university was Unisma in other area. I saw many students roamed Cut Mutia area at night but not many food stalls for those students. So I continued driving, soon I had to add Kemang Pratama area and Galaxy area for those who were hungry during night. Galaxy area was more alive than Kemang Pratama at night. Only fewer shops opened at Kemang Pratama during night. I bought porridge from Bubur Ayam Jakarta for 14k rupiah.

So that was my night drive I guess. There are many areas I want to explore at night. See you.