Monthly Archives: February 2015

This was writen at the commuter train station of Manggarai. During my way on the Jakarta Busway from office to Manggarai Station the sun reached the western horizon for setting. I was thinking my future plan while being pressed from front, sides and behind by fellow passengers in the city, who received recent poll of being worst city to inhabit (

Seeing the sun set with its yellow shades in this clear sky after being hit by non stop rain for 3 days, I imagined being in the peaceful middle east. Why I picked middle east was because I listened to Fajum, an instrumental song by Oluf Dimitri with strong middle eastern melody. Peaceful middle east also stuff I always hoped for in this recent time. This imagination and sudden planning happened caused by this booming population who commuted along with me striving to reach home at appropriate time. Hope those who commute can bear patience and hoping government keep their plan on track with this increasing population who only wish a comfortable mobilization.