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Indonesians say we ourselves are friendly citizens. That we are one of the people that can welcome foreigners easily and can greet them without being hesitant. “Is it right or wrong?” one may ask. Indeed those are true and we are proud on that easy going-ness with foreigners.

But how about being friendly to our fellow Indonesians? In that case I want to order Indonesians based on their origins according to their hospitality ranked from the most friendly to less friendly:

  1. Those who live outside JABODETABEK
  2. Those who live in JABODETABEK

If I may quote Rick Jordan’s The Red Pyramid ” It takes strength and courage to admit the truth”. There are reasons why The Jabodetabeks is placed in the bottom position (P.S since there is no demonym for this, I will start calling Jabodetabek citizen –> The Jabodetabeks, the word works for plural and singular :0)

The Jabodetabeks try not to mind other’s business. While keeping quick pace to reach anywhere and getting things done, they limit their interaction with total strangers. In commuter train, I rarely chat and see people chatting with others. To divert the empty-mindedness we distract ourselves with cellphones or tablets. The Jabodetabeks are similar with people from big cities in the world. The worst part is that they sometimes ignore people doing wrongs in street such as littering or crossing over red-light street light.

They do not have good topics for chit chat other than TRAFFIC. Oh this one is so true. When I was in Jogja, a stranger successfully talked to me for such long period. As he talked his heritage and culture, I was preparing to be asked about the traffic we do not love so much. Luckily that time the bullets weren’t shot, fyuuh…

Any act of super kindness behavior is considered potential crime. T__T Well this one is the ugliest. I admit myself that I always put barrier on super kind act from strangers. Being reluctant of getting help from other is one of newest trend from the city people. We as the independent people rely on ourselves not trusting sincere motives from strangers.

The reasons I wrote those was because of my experience during waiting for IELTS’ speaking test in Jakarta, Saturday  at May 7th. There are many people in the test room. I could immediately tell that the test participants were grouped into 2 categories. There are the quite ones and friendly-conversation lover ones. I mostly talked with participants coming from outside Jabodetabek and zero from Jabodetabek. They were warm, honest, curious and easy to talk to. These people have the value the Jabodetabeks need to copy. May us have good contemplation regarding behavior on chit chat 😀

See you on the other side #TheJabodetabeks!