So I want to write about this eccentric cafe in Gambir Station. Occupying two levels space, this cafe also gives every customer excitement to take at least selfies. Please forgive me for not reviewing the menus, I can assure you all that is all good and halal (the food is kinda overprice I think). Located in the central Jakarta, this restaurant must caught your eyes while you are here. I personally were curious to visit this place. While in ground floor it occupies smaller space so it seems very crowded with customers. You can take their private lift to upstairs. The lift itself feels off. It lifts you slow, but you can notice how unique this restaurant by noticing the lift is decorated with plants.

Bugis Kopitiam Level 2 @ Gambir


A view to Gambir’s main hall, all travelers are roaming


One thing beside the glass wall is classical decoration. With chandeliers, antique mugs, vintage souvenirs and framed-pictures I can’t resist to take pictures. The room is full air-conditioned. And also there is outdoor space for smokers. While the uniform for men they us Peci (how to pronounce it is like saying PAY and CHEE (from cheese)). Peci is similar with Fez (cap from Morocco) and Songkok in Malaysia. Songkok is a cap widely worn by Muslims in South East Asia. Peci itself still used by Muslims in Indonesia in prayer and also used for national ceremony by the government even though they are not Muslims.

The waiter with his Peci

Smoking space and a traditional window ornament

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You can tell that the owner is both wanderer, religious and nationalist. As you can see The Quran, first Indonesia’s president photo and souvenirs from traveling abroad.

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With this interior, I can say it is one restaurant that you have to pay a visit in Gambir. While for sure I can’t tell other restaurants to be visited to please the eyes.


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Well there you go, may you enjoy my pictures. And I hope I can write consistently and better. So please visit this restaurant

Too bad, I can’t find the official website, but I found the phone number. Reservation is unnecessary I guess.


Bugis Kopitiam

Stasiun Gambir, Lobby Selatan (Medan Merdeka Timur Kav. 19-27), Jakarta

+6285885353589, +6287788650801


Call me wanderer. I like to visit a place by myself. Sometimes just to let loose and discover my true self. Here is another part of Satrio street in South Jakarta .

Another Big MelonThe Flyover


Honk Honk...



I hope Jakarta will be so much better to visit and live in. A dream that never fade, efforts that keep burning.

Whaat I did not blog on March. Such a waste of time. So, i promise to do it now. As you can see I live in Bekasi. Bekasi is a suburb city in the east side of Jakarta. By 13 km long distance between,many Bekasi residences prefer going to Jakarta to spend their free time than inside Bekasi itself.

I want to highlight one of the prime district in South Jakarta, the area with booming skyscrapers construction of malls, office and apartments. The location is Prof. Dr. Satrio street. Or we simply call it “Jalan Satrio” (read: Satrio Street). Many kopaja drivers call it “jalan baru” if you take any kopaja in Rasuna Said Street. But it is too bad, there is no Trans Jakarta bus stop in Rasuna Said street that is near the Satrio Street.

It marks my journey in Kuningan district

Bakrie Tower, this tower ever climbed by Alain Robert.

Image from Tribunnews, thanks 😉

So I started my journey from Rasuna Epicentrum to Kuningan City with Joydi. Rasuna epicentrum is a private area consists of a Mall, Pasar Festival, office and housings. But the security there won’t permit any use of SLR without any permission letter from the management. A little pissed but still respect the rule, we go ahead to Satrio street. The soon to be Orchard Road competitor (finger crossed).

f g

So the thing I called Kopaja is the bus thingy below in the picture. The man hanging near the door is called “kenek” ( pronounce: keh-neck). Joydi and I took Kopaja to Jalan baru. Just spent 2000 rupiah or 0.2 USD. The Kenek is the person who collects the money.

We were welcomed by the facade of the new mal, Kuningan City. The mall was completed in 2012.

The Kenek.

I call it the giant watermelon. Interesting design.


Below is the Satrio street itself. At rush hour, the street is filled with cars and motorcycles. Crazy! Now below the high way, we can see the plants that green-ed the street a bit. As we can see the side walk is much bigger. Indonesia, especially Jakarta is lacking big-wide side walk.

In front of Kuningan City mall

We decided to have lunch inside Kuningan City since the rain poured quite heavy suddenly. The mall was quite empty, not many stores have opened. You can find Massimo Dutti, Pull&Bear, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace Jeans, Wakai, Rimowa, Y-3 there. But the stomach speak first. We picked Hummingbird Restaurant ( ). This restaurant is already famous enough in Bandung since I studied there. The interior is always exciting.

Wallpaper-ed wall and the standing lamp.

of course the bird cage

You can eat inside bird cage table


So there is a few about Satrio.i promise to tell more about this prime location soon to be shopping belt district of Indonesia, I must say it proudly. See you

Then we continued to other part of The Old Batavia. We were excited and thirsty at the same time. SO we headed out from The Fatahillah Museum. Finnaly we were able to see the main plaza, and of course some snacks. 
Main Plaza

The Plaza was crowded by many tents that sold clothing for cheap price (mainly). It looked really messy. For tourists, please bargain for much cheaper prices before buying.

A man wore a costume of an army while his body was painted black

They also rent old time bike with the matching theme helmet. Behind is BNI bank building.

Here are the bicycles

Chilled out in front of Fatahillah Museum

Yup cannons. The myth said, If you touch it, you will be blessed by fertility.

The trees added excellent feeling of the colonial eras.

Some revamping thingy

This was the snack I meant. Tahu Gejrot (Smashed Tofu). It costst about 5000 rupiah.

CUt tfried tofu, then add some vinegar with sliced chilly. You can ask the seller whether you want it spicy or not.

Yoyo enjoyed his dish

Used an umbrella. booo

Playing contrast.

Playing contrast2

After we had some snacks, then we continued to see other buildings and met up with Ived. Believe it or not some of the buildings below are still occupied for living.

IMG_8805 IMG_8801 IMG_8799 IMG_8798 IMG_8794 IMG_8792

Then we met with Ived!! We were about to see the museum of arts, but unfortunately it has already closed at 4 pm. We just took some photes there.

Hey welcome here Ived..

The tree decoration looked like a prank but it was artificially made by the museum management.

That is the facade of the Art Museum. Look like the national museum facade.

I guess that was the end of my journey at old Batavia. Overall it was one good memory for me. SInce I know that meet up for us seems to be impossible now, because we all working now then we should spent and arrange more time for this.

When you visit Jakarta, this is the one you must visit. Be careful of pickpocket, find a tour guide there. So enjoy jakartaa!!

Jakarta was crazy last January, flooding was everywhere. But I promised to post the pictures of Kota Tua or to be called Old Batavia.

it is really hard for me to be consistent in doing something. But here I am trying to continue what i left behind. So here at the pictures below Joydi (the white tees dude), yoyo (the man in blue polo shirt) and I (in GAP tess). They are my really good friends. We share and experienced many thing together. 

Got out from Cafe Batavia and wander where we would go next.

Satrio or I call him Yoyo

First museum was Wayang Museum. The museum facade is just I-love-it. You can still feel and see the dutch collonial feeling there. Wayang itself is a kind of traditional type puppet. Each puppet has its own background, some of it was character from ancient Hinduism and Buddhism folklore and some just about great people at the past.

Museum Wayang front building facade : The fee is just 5000 rupiah or about 0.5 cent

Wayangs, they tell stories really.

Those morons,they stepped around the tomb of Jan Pieterszoon Coen (the museum curator said to me). There is the pledge to remind us that Coen was Batavia’s Governor back then

Just love to take picture of it, the lighting is perfect.

The wayang comes from Surakarta, he is Prabu Rama Wijaya. A son from Hindu’s God Wisnu.

I love how it looks like having plumage like peacock, I think it also resembles a halo.

Then it is time for us to move to other museum. The most famous museum in jakarta (i think). It is Jakarta History Museum or Fatahillah Museum. You can wiki’d it. It was Batavia’s city hall. The scariest thing is, the officer used to imprisoned people in the basement ang executed criminals in front of this past time city hall. Crazy huh? A bit spooky but we were have great time inside. 

The entrance lobby, yet you have to pay another 5000 rupiah for maintenance and so on

Every chamber of the building tells Jakarta in certain time periode. I guess this one is kinda mess. We have a tri-shaw and ancient human in the same room. -__-

A Stele or in Bahasa is called Prasasti. This one marked the existence of past kingdom once ruled Batavia area. Interesting huh?

Yoyo yet wandered what happened back there. I am always curious, whether it is real or not.

Right hell yeah,me posed in front of usual box that sell things such mineral water, snacks, instant noodles, cigarettes. Sometime it is a mgazine stall.

He was having fun with a cannon (in style of course). I know it is prohibited but everyone enjoys museum in their own way.

Light thhrough museum gigantic windows

So yeah this the dome of The Fatahillah Museum. in B&W

Guys please wait for the final chapter yeah ;p the Part3

Last November 2012, I spent some time to visit Kota Tua Jakarta or simply called Kota. This place has a website ( please kindly visit but the web does not have English preference, all is written in Bahasa Indonesia. You can take busway from Sudirman heading to Kota or by using Commuter Line from Manggarai/Bekasi to Kota Station. My trip there was accompanied by Joydi then Yoyo then Ived. So please enjoy the pictures folks.

All started from Batavia cafe,a place to spend some cash for drinks. Pretty pricey, the interior is one of the advantages beside the great service.

A themed-cafe suits Kota-Tua atmosphere

Joydi (in white Tees). Welcomed with plants and fans. Just like Betawi’s traditional houses terrace

A stage for several performances behind Joydi

The bar looks classic. The room is just dark even at noon.

The area is filled with framed-pictures. Those pictures are just outstanding and difference. You can feel the ambience of 60s.

One of the picture, displaying a chef. I do not know the picture’s name but it is yet beautiful

Yup, it has another floor to explore

It is the1st floor, where big wondws are opened. Many tourists just sit, drink and chat. They enjoy 1st floor very much. There are also many framed-pictures at the 1st floor. A very indulging ambience I felt  there.



please find the part 2