This was writen at the commuter train station of Manggarai. During my way on the Jakarta Busway from office to Manggarai Station the sun reached the western horizon for setting. I was thinking my future plan while being pressed from front, sides and behind by fellow passengers in the city, who received recent poll of being worst city to inhabit (

Seeing the sun set with its yellow shades in this clear sky after being hit by non stop rain for 3 days, I imagined being in the peaceful middle east. Why I picked middle east was because I listened to Fajum, an instrumental song by Oluf Dimitri with strong middle eastern melody. Peaceful middle east also stuff I always hoped for in this recent time. This imagination and sudden planning happened caused by this booming population who commuted along with me striving to reach home at appropriate time. Hope those who commute can bear patience and hoping government keep their plan on track with this increasing population who only wish a comfortable mobilization.


Ma, how are you today? I hope you are alright and healthy. Firstly thanks for welcoming me home when I got back from work in Kalimantan. I know you worried so much when I always think you are so fussy towards everything. So, I am sorry for thinking you are really annoying while you just love me so much.

Then you talked with me after I felt full from the delicious lunch you prepared. One thing that I never thanked. Forgive me for that one again. When you want to talk about what I have been missed during I was far from home at work, I seemed to ignore you and even told some words that I did not mean to hurt you while you felt it. Mom please don’t shed those tears. I was a fool saying those things. I am a idiot.

For every sweat and tear you sacrificed during this 22 years more, I never place you in my top priority. Oh mother can you forgive me for not showing those loves.

When you miss your children and can’t afford to call for just not wanting to disturb our busy time. Then you just text  “Da apa kabar?” which means “Son how are you doing?” . The ignorance of the son is to big, sometimes I reply very late. Mom I am terribly sorry.

Mom I love you for eternity, thank you for everything.

No matter how unimportant things people talk, my mom always teaches me to be a good listener. Be there when people you love need you. Sacrifice your pleasure for someone’s happiness and smile. Mom I am wishing you a high place in this world and for eternity surrounded by people who love and care about you.

With love

Your son,from the room across your’s.

I always wonder why new graduates seemed to whine a lot about their jobs. I noticed that some of my friends complained about their work load, rush for working faster and annoying bosses. Call it the phase of adaptation. Let your self to react to those daily routines. But what I want to underline here is that the adaptation phase have the biggest role here. As the employer really look forward for your contribution and work ethics from the beginning.

Why is that so important? Because some people adapt very poor. They tend to run from problems try to avoid it and do the easy path. That is not good, because as the part of adaptation, your mind will see it as your working habit. Some people work slow and tend to do other things which are not helping you finishing those works.

Here are some tips from me how to ADAPT WELL for new graduates employee. FACE your problems! How?

– Stay calm (never crack under pressure), discuss every single detail of problem with the pace you can. Until you get the problem clearly.

– Listen / read carefully. Some misunderstanding will be unacceptable at working places

– If you work a bit slow to analyze more, come early. The earlier you come the more on time you can send your daily report.

– Spend time efficient, do not browse for entertaining. Take your 10 minutes break every hour chat with other employees and move your body.

– Seek for opportunities to be more initiative and creative. Do simple things that will be valued more because you create it. Or we can call it side project.

– If you are pissed by words from other employee, try to hold yourself be patient. Say it politely and slow, ask other workers about the characters of that person. Learn his/her background then you can communicate better.

– Always remember to have your own priority list. Do not be multitask-er, prioritize emergency stuffs and stuffs that assigned from your boss. From my experience, not focusing on one thing at a time makes you bored easily and put off finishing those.

there you go, I hope you can adapt well at your first job! You can share how you adapt! Thanks

Good morning everyone.
I really want to cut some pounds so I decided to skip dinner everyday of my 16 days working day during this trip.
This plan will be combined with fasting each Monday and Thursday (during those days I will be having dinner in substitute of fasting all day).

I hope i can see the result of losing some fat. I will keep it posted as it will motivate me to do things i planned. Adios fellas

Today I had sad news. My sister’s boyfriend’s father passed away. The other news is a gas well under my surveillance has gone. The gas rate has come to zero. One of my duty as a surveillance engineer at my company is to watch over wells and try to save it from declining to zero rate or dead.

This is my first well that went die under my duty. So this well produce more than 5 MMscfd after being perforated. WIth flowline pressure around 300 psi, this well was categorized as LP well (Low Pressure). The well showed such rapid decline just like after it was perforated. Before I was on duty at 2nd Jan 2013, I haven’t noticed this well at all. Then, POP!!! in 5 days, it went 0 scfd.

I believe that this is a learning for every new surveillance engineer or any fresh graduate engineer to be more detailed and focus and remain calm anytime and anywhere. Just like Sherlock, he spends some seconds to think and remain calm. So goodbye that new perforated zone.

LP wells will decline naturally, and that’s my job to monitor it. Before it dies, we need to switch it to lower system (VLP : Very Low Pressure system) within the condition of flowline availability. And I hope the petroleum engineers (PE) in Jakarta will be fine and accept this newbie’s mistake to learn more. Eventually, the PE will make additional perforation program if any productive zones exist.

Remember always work safely guys!!! Think, STOP and report , just like 3 Safety Golden Rules of VICO Indonesia.


It is for real that I will travel to Australia, Melbourne specifically next year in Fall 2013!

Beautiful Miranda Kerr, Melbourne’s Laneway and Aussie Rules! What else you can expect? I prefer to visit whole Aussie, but it will cost so much there :p But I am excited enough to join with my friend rumbling around the city. Hope I can make it there!

It has been one month since I work for a gas exploration and production company in East Kalimantan. It is great to work there. The schedule is even greater, I work for 2 weeks in a row and get 2 weeks off time. My work space is in gas gathering plant (WOW!). So proper PPE is mandatory! My job requires me to help petroleum engineers in jakarta to maintain asset and comply every new well work program with field’s condition.

And the greatest thing is at off time, I will be sent back to Jakarta, do everything I want. So starting right now, I declare will do something different at least one time each off time. I said I want to work for retail company, I am still working on it. I am learning things right now for retail interest. Good night fellas. be safe at work 🙂