This is actually a very very late post, I categorize it as dibuang sayang (read: wasteful not being posted). Bengkulu, a province in the western side of Sumatra Island is a place where I grew up around 1994. One day, this place had successfully called me to go there again after 9 years. Actually it was my photo album that made me want to go to Bengkulu. At March I visited this place, not much I can remember about the streets but I can relate for sure. Sure it changed a lot.

With Indian Ocean bordering its west side, I can truly feel the beach calls everybody to go there after school or work. It is so much different from Greater Jakarta, where everybody will go to mall or home directly after long day in school or work. Here in Bengkulu, you will find not much traffic and relaxed life. After work, people rushed to the Pantai Pandjang beach. It was for sure the first place I visited.

Trying out bike ;)

My relatives Kak Yuni and Tata (from left)

The trees at Pantai Panjang

The trees at Pantai Panjang are still preserved since I was living here in 1994

My Bike

The bike I chose was pretty descent though the rest of it were in bad conditions

You will find many hotels/motels/bars in the opposite of the beach. i stayed at Horison Hotel, it was quite good. A night cost around 750k rupiah. The main attraction in Bengkulu for sure is Pantai Pandjang. Well I picked the wrong time to bike, it was 2 pm!! The sun was burning at that time. By 10k rupiah you can bike all day, though some vendors rent it for 1 hour only for the the same price.

The bicycle track is long enough, it stretches along the coast

Sea, sand and pines as long you can see

Ant view

Indian Ocean

In the late noon, I saw many people will come to the Beaches and just had sports (football, jog and bike). This is the thing I really want to happen in Jakarta. We want to enjoy our city outdoor, not from inside the malls. Well one big coconut for sure quenched my thirst.

One big green coconut ;D

After the temperature chilled, the people were coming to the beach to enjoy after school/work. Shot in B&W

Same scenery

Right trough Indian Ocean

I myself, enjoyed the beach. behind was Tata

This beach, since located in the west side of the island, has the good view of sunset. Well I must admit that I enjoyed the sunset and the sound of the wave. Well done Bengkulu for providing a stress relief for its people. I will continue for another post also from Bengkulu. Bye all.

Sunset 1

Sunset 2

Sunset 3

Sunset 4

Sunset 5


Ma, how are you today? I hope you are alright and healthy. Firstly thanks for welcoming me home when I got back from work in Kalimantan. I know you worried so much when I always think you are so fussy towards everything. So, I am sorry for thinking you are really annoying while you just love me so much.

Then you talked with me after I felt full from the delicious lunch you prepared. One thing that I never thanked. Forgive me for that one again. When you want to talk about what I have been missed during I was far from home at work, I seemed to ignore you and even told some words that I did not mean to hurt you while you felt it. Mom please don’t shed those tears. I was a fool saying those things. I am a idiot.

For every sweat and tear you sacrificed during this 22 years more, I never place you in my top priority. Oh mother can you forgive me for not showing those loves.

When you miss your children and can’t afford to call for just not wanting to disturb our busy time. Then you just text  “Da apa kabar?” which means “Son how are you doing?” . The ignorance of the son is to big, sometimes I reply very late. Mom I am terribly sorry.

Mom I love you for eternity, thank you for everything.

No matter how unimportant things people talk, my mom always teaches me to be a good listener. Be there when people you love need you. Sacrifice your pleasure for someone’s happiness and smile. Mom I am wishing you a high place in this world and for eternity surrounded by people who love and care about you.

With love

Your son,from the room across your’s.

17 August 1945 is Indonesia’s Independence Day, so it has been 68 years since the founding fathers proclaimed our freedom from occupation. My office hold a ceremony of Flag-raising Ceremony in the morning. Yes-yes raise Indonesian Flag and raise our nationalism high.

Indonesia Flag raising in 1945. The flag called “Bendera Pusaka Sang Saka Merah Putih”.


Below is the compilation of pictures from my company’s Indonesia’s Independence Day Celebration. Maybe I am the only one shouting to everybody, Happy Independence Day!! Maybe they think that I am kind of holiday freak. But to be true I want everybody feel the spirit of Nationalism. Like everyone says in every Flag-raising ceremony : “Use this moment as the time to increase our nationalism, to remind ourselves of our heroes effort to achieve freedom from Occupation”. I want this country to be seen as a country who apply honesty, peace, tolerance, a-never-ending-creativity in daily life, so Indonesia will be seen as one of the country that WOW others.

Here in VICO we celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day!!

Here in VICO we celebrate Independence Day!!


As Roy said (Indonesians need common enemy), he thought probably it could be neighboring country haha. But yes we have common enemy (illiterate people, left behind any technology advancement, government’s commitment to prosper the people and desire to be number one). May good God always be with Indonesia. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY INDONESIA!!



The sun and the moon are bound by a fixed calculation and the vine and tree both prostrate. Truly, I swear by the moon and by the night when it goes back, and by the morning when it becomes bright. It is one of the greatest things, as a warning to mankind.

So when the eyes will be dazzled, and the moon will lose its light and the sun and the moon will be joined together. On that day man will say “Where to escape?” Never! There will be no refuge at all. That day will be your destination towards Him.

Now I am listening to a song that reminds me of past time.

The song title is Yamaha by Delta Spirit. This first time I heard this song was from Warm Bodies movie. This song is absolutely great. But I don’t want to write about this song thoroughly, I want to write the moment when I heard the song. This song made me feel lonely at the time. I understand my life has been changed quite a bit. Now I work for a company and I work with different working days, so it requires effort to meet up. I know I miss my friends, my old room, coming late to class, stay up late studying for exams. 

IMG_9793 - Copy


The cards above are our department’s administration access. This card acts as presence signs for final project seminar. We had to have 20 presences in seminars or other people’s final project seminar. 5 of us have been in the same class from 1st year (bridging program) till the next 3 years (in Petroleum Eng. department). Not only five of us, there are around 11-12 people in the gang.  



There you go, the graduation in July 2012. For me, I always pray all the best for everyone, I’ll be very happy to help my friends whenever they need. Friends are special for me. They have the spot in my deepest memory that won’t fade. We constructed friendship, and the skyscraper stand still till now. You know what everybody need is friendship preservation. Give a random call, or email them. Ask what are they up to. Feel lonely, call them. 

Wish you all be happy and till we meet always! 

Call me wanderer. I like to visit a place by myself. Sometimes just to let loose and discover my true self. Here is another part of Satrio street in South Jakarta .

Another Big MelonThe Flyover


Honk Honk...



I hope Jakarta will be so much better to visit and live in. A dream that never fade, efforts that keep burning.

Film ini diambil dari novel Bu Stephanie Meyer, sang author Twilight . Ya, she did it again. Karena malam Rabu lumayan kosong, ga ngapa ngapain, akhirnya kita putuskan untuk nonton di TV flat *asiik* di kamar C-15. Awalnya gw meyakinkan Dimas agar mau mendowload nih film, karena ber-genre Sci-Fi. Walaupun Dimas (Production Engineer Mutiara). Tapi si Dimas udah komen aja, kok kayak Twilight yah. Lalu sontak gw reply, siapa tau beda.

Alhasil di downloadlah nih film oleh dimas dengan cepat. FIlm ini bercerita tentang bumi yang sudah di invade oleh alien. Dan alien, ini menggunakan tubuh manusia untuk dapat bertahan hidup. Di film ini gak dijelaskan sih detailnya bagaimana alien itu awalnya bisa menginvade bumi. Gw juga males baca bukunya haha, secara rugi banget.

Dan semua manusia terpaksa menjadi host dari alien yang berwujud seperti bakteri berikut. Jujur di sini gw kecewa berat sama yang bikin film dan so pastinya Stephanie Meyer tentang pemilihan bentuk alien. Dan mungkin bakteri juga kesel kali sama si Stephanie Meyer.

Kurang lebih alien di The Host kayak gini cuma di seluruh tubuh bacteria ini glowing putih gitu

Jiwa manusia yang lemah dan berserah diri, akan tergeser kesadarannya oleh si alien ini. Makanya buat kalian manusia yang cengeng, jadilah orang persistent mulai dari sekarang. Jujur gw ga begiru ngikutin jalan cerita nih film, tapi gw cuma fokus sama betapa cantik dan bersihnya si karakter utama. Dia bernama Melanie Stryder,

Cakep kan doi, walau tangannya berdarah *sangar + cantik*

Doi nih salah satu dari manusia yang tersisa yang belum menjadi host bagi alien. Namun akhirnya doi tertangkap oleh The Seeker. Sehingga Melanie di timpa oleh alien yang bernama Wanderer atau kerap dipanggil Wanda. karena Melanie itu a strong girl, Wanda itu bisa mendengar suara Melanie. Terkadang melanie juga bisa take control pergerakan minor tubuhnya. Di sinilah dualisme pikiran terjadi, begitu juga dalam percintaan. Secara tidak langsung karakter ini sama persis dengan Bella Swan dari Twilight.

Udah deh awkward banget gw sama Dimas nontonnya. Dan udah deh ga usah kalian tonton, cukup gw dan dimas yang merasakan kerugiannya. Di akhir film si Wanda memiliki tubuhnya sendiri (dari cewek yang meninggal). Dan Melanie memiliki tubunya kembali. Dan Wanda jadi memihak manusia. Udah lah rugi banget nointonnya, untung gw ga nonton di bioskop.

Cuma dua hal yang bagus di sini:

1. Si karakter utama yang cakep, sehingga bisa kebawa mimpi

2. Soundtrack endingnya keren, dan keputer puter di playlist gw mulu : Imagine Dragons – Radioactive.